The Right Trail

Explore nature in the mid-Willamette Valley

What’s your “right trail?” Is it a place to explore with your family? Run with your dog? Paddle with your friends? This is the question The Greenbelt Land Trust tried to answer with The Right Trail — a website and trail marking system meant to encourage use of Benton County, Oregon’s green spaces and recreational areas. With a focus on finding trails that match the individual needs and desires of the user, The Right Trail incorporates innovative filtering methods, elevation guides and interesting user stories to assist in identifying the best trail options.

Open-source software developers The Other Firm brought me in to lead user experience and user interface design for the project, which was already in development. Before coming on board, the team was understandably placing a heavy focus on the site’s main product — its interactive map. A great tool, but not in itself a reason to get outside.

By taking a step back and looking at entire the user journey, I was able to identify the need to first inspire visitors with the dream of an outdoor experience and then provide them the information they need to make their dream a reality. Appealing to a variety of interests and fitness levels, The Right Trail offers users photos, quotes, stories, and suggesions and then guides them to the interactive map and trail information they need for their own outdoor adventures.

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