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Take More Friends

Yakima is the world’s leading brand of car racks and locally based in my home state of Oregon. Their philosophy is that any life adventure creates shared experiences and memories for you, your family and friends. With the right racks, you can take more friends with you! Being a skier, whitewater kayaker, and aspiring mountain biker, Yakima is a brand I can really get behind.

The challenge: with a seemingly endless combination of car and roof types, varying hitch mounts, and gear — finding the right fit for a consumer can be daunting. In 2014, I designed and managed the front-end development of two parallax microsites built to support Yakima’s new Spring collection of boat and hitch mount products. Our goal was to create a vibrant brand experience that eased the decision making process for both experienced consumers and novices who may not know the difference between a rec kayak and a hardshell.

In 2015, Jenna Fallon Schindler — Yakima’s Global Digital Director — brought me in again to lead a UX retooling of their product fit tool. Over the course of a few weeks, I met with product design, branding, digital marketing, and front and back-end devs, interviewing them and leading the digital team through a lean design process. The result was a very polished UX document which helped sell the new Fit My Car tool up the ladder and gave Yakima’s dev team the documentation they needed to build it.

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